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The system allows customers of large-scale facilities to be guided to free parking spaces and to their own car using advanced sensors installed along the axis of access roads using a mobile application and info kiosks available on the premises. Occupancy detection is based on digital analytical reading


Informs about the occupancy of the place


The device is equipped with a processor, thanks to which it is possible to implement analytical algorithms that allow for automatic recognition of license plates, and thus for the detection of a defined area occupied by a motorized customer. The busy status is signaled by lighting the high brightness LED indicator. One device is able to observe up to 6 parking spaces, 3 for each lens. In addition, it is possible to designate parking zones by the Operator - indicating places dedicated to vehicles, booking a place or additionally payable for an attractive arrangement, e.g. closer to the entrance or charging additional fees for incorrect parking


No more wandering around the alleys

Quick location of free parking spaces and control the flow of cars to free regions. Indicating the number of vacant spaces on information boards from the moment you enter the car park and parking spaces for invited guests or tenants on entry screens. The system allows you to search the car park on the basis of the identified license plates in order to find a parking place for the car and has the ability to send information to the infokiosks system or to the mobile application with the shortest way to the parking space based on prepared diagrams

Identification of incorrect parking and sending notifications

a car parked in two parking spaces will be charged a double fee option to notify in the event of a car appearing on the list of unwanted guests (the so-called black list) and expected guests (the so-called clean list)


Reports, statistics and summaries

The BLUEYE platform integrates all analytical systems installed on the site within one client interface. The modular structure of the solution allows for any expansion of the solution

The occupancy of places in real time on a three-dimensional projection of the parking lot

Marketing information on customer arrivals from which cities, provinces and countries

The number of customers returning to the center and the average time spent by a customer in the shopping facility car flows

Information on the customer return and the number of visits to the facility